My photo on BBC news web site

The cherry blossom photo (see here) that I took in Japan has been featured on the BBC web site.

Not major news, but quite nice for a Friday.

Clinton lies (again) - I shouldn't love this as much as I am

Here is the funny thing when you live in Hong Kong, you seem drawn to the American election more than say the Chinese one (wonder wht that is?) But regardless the American one is no less fun.

Hillary has been caught lying. Now all thise "Clinton" supports are a little quiet today, aren't we? It seems that Hillary's latest tale of derring do, her gripping account of how she dodged sniper fire on a trip to Bosnia twelve years ago and had to bolt from her helicopter on landing were, shall we say, at odds with the more prosaic reality as captured by this now famous video from CBS. News.

Shame being in notably short supply in the Clinton campaign (Judas, anyone?), I had half expected them to try to tough this one out. Perhaps they would claim that the CBS clip didn't show the moment when Mrs Clinton and Sheryl Crow came under fire from angry Serb gatecrashers ticked off that Sinbad wasn't geting more time at the microphone? That girl in the video handing her what looked like a greeting card at the arrival ceremony that wasn't supposed to have happened? Perhaps we'd be told it contained traces of a noxious substance that Mrs Clinton bravely ignored in the pursuit of some valuable hands-on foreign policy experience?

But it wasn't to be. Mrs Clinton claimed instead she merely "misspoke". That's fair enough. People do that. I can recall a president a while back saying "I never had sex with that woman". Turned out he misspoke too.

I had once thought that Mrs Clinton's sheer determination to fight on was her greatest asset. But now it looks merely like desperation. Her main hope seems to be to hang on in the hope that something really horrible will emanate from the Obama campaign. That could happen, but I doubt it now.

Ding dong, the witch is turning in her grave...

Photos from japan

Japan is fantastic, almost as good as Hong Kong (at least people don't chatter so much on the MTR!) and now I get why people like the cherry blossom so much.
But I still don't understand:
1. Toilets that speak to you (and have more buttons than the starship Enterprise)
2. Girls dressing up like school girls (but no complaints)
3. How people can have that many mobile phones to choose from

Blogging from Tokyo

Here we are in Japan. The Caz and ali travel show rolls on to yet another country.

Caz has been wonderful about finding or way around (while Japan is amazing, it is not that tourist friendly, unless you are Japanese of course.) I have been doing the usual diplomatic thing and saying to people "smack you," instead of "thank you."

So what is there to see in Japan? A lot. The first thing to note is that everything talks to you. Toilets, vending machines,

trucks, crossings (and even people!) The toilets are a thing to behold. They do everything (and I mean everything!) Great stuff. A new role for the maid when we get home as we don't have one of these toilets.

Tokyo is a beautiful city at night, by day you need to hunt out the beauty, or just stand on the sidewalk and watch the beauties come to you (and in school uniform no less! Happy days!!) Oh wait, some of them may actually be school girls, I can't tell... Anyway, they are all hot and love dressing up. Naughty! (The women that is, not the school girls, oh hell you get the point.)

...Moving onto more fishy things, on Saturday (at 4 am) I went to the Tokyo fish market. This might seem like an early start but when you see the photos you will see why. The place is something else. Hundreds of tuna on sale along with many varieties of other fish. Well worth the visit if you get the chance. Most interesting is that there is no technology at the fish market, none. Its all human interaction and old school working practices. Not a mobile phone in sight.

Of course I have saved the best for last, the technology. Ah, Japan meet brain. Japanese live for their technology and most importantly their mobile phones. The cathedrals, and believe me when I say they are places of worship are crammed with every color and model for every technology. You are bombarded with voices from above and on the shop floor offering you deals and offering to the gods of Sony, Nikon and Cannon...

Next its the Bullet train to Kyoto so I'll have more historical photos and hopefully some shots from Mount Fuji. Mrs B has no updates as she is applying th black eyeliner and school dress I just brought her.

More when we are back from the land of the rising sun.

New area on Portfolio

Been far to long coming but the portfolio area of my site is up and running which you can see here {link}.

This area of the site has been created to showcase my best photos from several different projects and areas.

You can see the best photos from :

- Travel around the world
- People photography
- Best of 2007
- Dog photos (on behalf of HKDR)
- Awards

Enjoy the photos and tell me what you think.

Ding dong! The witch is dead!

Slow day in Hong Kong (well we don't really have elections do we here!??) So everyone is watching the US presidential race with keen interest.

And its a good day - Clinton is beaten, done and has (I can hope) died in a political sense. After lies, corruption and god only knows what else she is out. I love the quote when she became a senator, "I have no plans to run for president." Hey guess what sister you are right!

You read it here in Hong Kong first. I think we can all be very happy. The world can breathe a little easier.

"The Texas Secretary of State is set to certify the official election results for the Democratic primary. As predicted, Barack Obama has beaten Hillary Clinton. While Clinton won the state's popular vote, Obama racked up more caucus support, so that, now that the final tally is in, the Lone Star state's delegate total reads:

Obama: 61 delegates from the popular vote + 38 delegates from caucuses = 99 delegates.

Clinton: 65 delegates from the popular vote + 30 delegates from Caucuses = 95 delegates.

So news people can now stop saying "two big wins in Ohio and Texas." Big win in Ohio, sure, but not Texas."

Link to this story

Politician cheats on wife...! No really!!

Apparently the NY Times calls this news - Shocking, I tell you shocking, a politician has cheated on his wife and is now trying to hold onto his job... One wonders what ever happened to the politicians that when they (or their staff) did wrong resigned. Sigh.

But there you go - He is guilty of all sorts and wife only sticks with him due to the fact that if she did divorce him and he has no job, she gets nothing.

Frankly they deserve each other.... But I thought I would translate his press release for fun.

Spitzer: I must now dedicate some time to regain the trust of my family.

Translation: I got my apology out in the first news cycle, and now I'm going dark. If this was France no one would care.

Spitzer: I apologise for my behavior.

Translation: Why can't I be major of Paris, the French get away with this stuff all the time, hell they even get elected based on it, and then I wouldn't have to pretend I'm sorry.

Spitzer: I will not be taking questions. Thank you very much.

Translation: Why isn't it Friday, so this could die into the weekend? And why am I not already the Mayor of France?

(Note: Yes I know you can't be mayor of France, its Paris, but as he is American and therefore the translation reflects his inability to understand any city outside of the US.)

I hate all politicians. And so do I suspect do you!

China - Why do this?

For all the wonders and opportunity that exist in China there are many issues that remain and here is one that saddens me greatly. You can read more here and see pictures if you have the will Times Online

Why would people think that this is a good idea? Even in Hong Kong circuses continue to have similar ideas (and lets not even get into shark fin soup). A sad post for a Monday but it has to be highlighted that while these "displays" continue to be allowed is it any surprise that there is so much animal cruelty?

At first glance, this picture below looks like a Photoshop job.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Welcome to China’s notorious Haicang Zoo, where modern animal keeping is unknown, and the facility’s inmates are treated more like circus acts than wild creatures.

Not that this distinction seems to matter to the zoo’s visitors, who flock to see spectacles such as human-lion wrestling and this unfortunate pair.

The lion is made to jump on the horse’s back. A trainer with a whip compels them to circle the cage while spectators cheer. There’s a tiger on hand to repeat the trick.

A cruel lion and horse act at China’s <span class=Haicang zoo">

The zoo, which is located in Xiamen, in southeastern Fujian province, has been the subject of international criticism for its exploitive animal handling. While China boasts some world-class modern facilities, including the massive Beijing Zoo, circus-like attractions remain popular in the country. There are no immediate prospects for reform.

Link: Times Online

Happy birthday Caz (and my Sis too!)

So it was both Caz's nd Lui's birthdays yesterday and in the case of Caz a few friends got together and we went to the beach in Stanley.

It was a great day that ran into the early evening. Everyone had a great time and both Caz and I thank everyone for coming along. As I left for work this morning the dogs were still sleeping an exciting day off by the looks of things.

You can see all the photos here.