On the day I become a god father

Well it seems that everyone has to grow up at some point. Some loose it, some never had it, some are lucky, many don't know what a good life they have...

As I'm about to become a god father I wonder what advice I would give Finn about my life, his life and the road that lies ahead of him... All I could come up with is this quote from Apple. Its something that i use everyday at Cathay Pacific (whether they like it or not!) in my design and photography and even in the decisions I make with Caz (and I'm fairly sure I drive her crazy at times...)

But there you go, I'm a god father thanks to Fi & B, still have some very good friends in London, 2 published books and 3 wonderful dogs in Hong Kong and a job at Cathay that I love and challenges me every day.

Most importantly is that I have Caz in my life.

So I guess I must be doing something right.

Finn, from your god father

alibullock.com { LIVE }

Yes, finally the new site is live and the design is done.

You can view the site here: www.alibullock.com

If I could get a photo this good everyday

Of course this means little if you haven't met "Mini Cooper," but damn she is a cute dog...

See her paws here

In the bean bag

Work on the blog and my other sites

I have almost finished work on my main site { alibullock.com } and work has been finished on my charity site { animalsinphotos.com } which also serves as my commercial site for pet photography.

Next up is work on re-working this blog. Its no longer going to be called "The Hong Kong Diaries," but rather just the slightly more simple "ali bullock." The reason for this is that I am planing to bring a lot more coordination between all of my web sites and web 2.0 resources and I want to get everything aligned.

So when I upload my latest photos { orangutans shots form Borneo } you will see the photos updated on alibullock.com, flickr.com/alibullock and Facebook. Supporting this I will also be updating this blog and Twittering about it as well.

The more web 2.0 sites that spring up the more the complexity so hence the need for me to align all these sites so that instead of spending more time at my Mac, I'm actually outside doing what I love.


STOP IGNORING ME AND CALL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Message from Mrs B at 11.05:
STOP IGNORING ME AND CALL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Message at 11.08:
In meeting, don't have phone - TICKET BOOKED FOR YOU!

Message from Mrs B at 11.08:


Everyday I like to think I understand gay guys just a little more...

alibullock.com still in BETA

OK, Ok, so this site always seems to be in BETA - But I am happy to announce that the site is almost ready for the prime time.

Every page has been updated and the last 6 months have meant that with some makor back end changes I can really have a new look and feel for my main site.

The design is very different to most sites, I have put in a more aggressive font and I want to get some feedback, so let me know what you think: