Clinton lies (again) - I shouldn't love this as much as I am

Here is the funny thing when you live in Hong Kong, you seem drawn to the American election more than say the Chinese one (wonder wht that is?) But regardless the American one is no less fun.

Hillary has been caught lying. Now all thise "Clinton" supports are a little quiet today, aren't we? It seems that Hillary's latest tale of derring do, her gripping account of how she dodged sniper fire on a trip to Bosnia twelve years ago and had to bolt from her helicopter on landing were, shall we say, at odds with the more prosaic reality as captured by this now famous video from CBS. News.

Shame being in notably short supply in the Clinton campaign (Judas, anyone?), I had half expected them to try to tough this one out. Perhaps they would claim that the CBS clip didn't show the moment when Mrs Clinton and Sheryl Crow came under fire from angry Serb gatecrashers ticked off that Sinbad wasn't geting more time at the microphone? That girl in the video handing her what looked like a greeting card at the arrival ceremony that wasn't supposed to have happened? Perhaps we'd be told it contained traces of a noxious substance that Mrs Clinton bravely ignored in the pursuit of some valuable hands-on foreign policy experience?

But it wasn't to be. Mrs Clinton claimed instead she merely "misspoke". That's fair enough. People do that. I can recall a president a while back saying "I never had sex with that woman". Turned out he misspoke too.

I had once thought that Mrs Clinton's sheer determination to fight on was her greatest asset. But now it looks merely like desperation. Her main hope seems to be to hang on in the hope that something really horrible will emanate from the Obama campaign. That could happen, but I doubt it now.

Ding dong, the witch is turning in her grave...



Given how easy it is to verify or disprove Clinton's claims, it's an astonishingly dumb thing to lie about.

The embellishments I expect. The lack of judgment I don't.