Blogging from Tokyo

Here we are in Japan. The Caz and ali travel show rolls on to yet another country.

Caz has been wonderful about finding or way around (while Japan is amazing, it is not that tourist friendly, unless you are Japanese of course.) I have been doing the usual diplomatic thing and saying to people "smack you," instead of "thank you."

So what is there to see in Japan? A lot. The first thing to note is that everything talks to you. Toilets, vending machines,

trucks, crossings (and even people!) The toilets are a thing to behold. They do everything (and I mean everything!) Great stuff. A new role for the maid when we get home as we don't have one of these toilets.

Tokyo is a beautiful city at night, by day you need to hunt out the beauty, or just stand on the sidewalk and watch the beauties come to you (and in school uniform no less! Happy days!!) Oh wait, some of them may actually be school girls, I can't tell... Anyway, they are all hot and love dressing up. Naughty! (The women that is, not the school girls, oh hell you get the point.)

...Moving onto more fishy things, on Saturday (at 4 am) I went to the Tokyo fish market. This might seem like an early start but when you see the photos you will see why. The place is something else. Hundreds of tuna on sale along with many varieties of other fish. Well worth the visit if you get the chance. Most interesting is that there is no technology at the fish market, none. Its all human interaction and old school working practices. Not a mobile phone in sight.

Of course I have saved the best for last, the technology. Ah, Japan meet brain. Japanese live for their technology and most importantly their mobile phones. The cathedrals, and believe me when I say they are places of worship are crammed with every color and model for every technology. You are bombarded with voices from above and on the shop floor offering you deals and offering to the gods of Sony, Nikon and Cannon...

Next its the Bullet train to Kyoto so I'll have more historical photos and hopefully some shots from Mount Fuji. Mrs B has no updates as she is applying th black eyeliner and school dress I just brought her.

More when we are back from the land of the rising sun.

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