Ding dong! The witch is dead!

Slow day in Hong Kong (well we don't really have elections do we here!??) So everyone is watching the US presidential race with keen interest.

And its a good day - Clinton is beaten, done and has (I can hope) died in a political sense. After lies, corruption and god only knows what else she is out. I love the quote when she became a senator, "I have no plans to run for president." Hey guess what sister you are right!

You read it here in Hong Kong first. I think we can all be very happy. The world can breathe a little easier.

"The Texas Secretary of State is set to certify the official election results for the Democratic primary. As predicted, Barack Obama has beaten Hillary Clinton. While Clinton won the state's popular vote, Obama racked up more caucus support, so that, now that the final tally is in, the Lone Star state's delegate total reads:

Obama: 61 delegates from the popular vote + 38 delegates from caucuses = 99 delegates.

Clinton: 65 delegates from the popular vote + 30 delegates from Caucuses = 95 delegates.

So news people can now stop saying "two big wins in Ohio and Texas." Big win in Ohio, sure, but not Texas."

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I got my hopes up when I saw your thread as I thought it was Margaret Thatcher.....