Kylie is finally cool

This is one amazing mashup - Kylie is finally cool:

7 Days: My Porsche

Last night I saw something –A view through a future window of what I have always wanted in life, “a flash in front of your eyes moment perhaps?”

… Luckily (for me) in this instance my life was not in danger (well other than the look I was about to get from Mrs B when she realised I dodged the washing up again.)

It all started when I opened the front door – As I looked down the steps I saw a Porsche outside my house. Not just any Porsche, my Porsche – A 911 black Carrera 4.

Now, its not mine (hence the view to the future) – I wonder though, when I get back from Hong Kong in 4 years will I look out of the front door and see “my Porsche?”

… Then I looked back in the house to Caz. It dawned on me that what I have right now is worth more than that car.

7 days until we leave to go to Hong Kong. 1, 460 days to get the car… This blog just got a bit more interesting.