China - Why do this?

For all the wonders and opportunity that exist in China there are many issues that remain and here is one that saddens me greatly. You can read more here and see pictures if you have the will Times Online

Why would people think that this is a good idea? Even in Hong Kong circuses continue to have similar ideas (and lets not even get into shark fin soup). A sad post for a Monday but it has to be highlighted that while these "displays" continue to be allowed is it any surprise that there is so much animal cruelty?

At first glance, this picture below looks like a Photoshop job.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Welcome to China’s notorious Haicang Zoo, where modern animal keeping is unknown, and the facility’s inmates are treated more like circus acts than wild creatures.

Not that this distinction seems to matter to the zoo’s visitors, who flock to see spectacles such as human-lion wrestling and this unfortunate pair.

The lion is made to jump on the horse’s back. A trainer with a whip compels them to circle the cage while spectators cheer. There’s a tiger on hand to repeat the trick.

A cruel lion and horse act at China’s <span class=Haicang zoo">

The zoo, which is located in Xiamen, in southeastern Fujian province, has been the subject of international criticism for its exploitive animal handling. While China boasts some world-class modern facilities, including the massive Beijing Zoo, circus-like attractions remain popular in the country. There are no immediate prospects for reform.

Link: Times Online

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