"China earthquake is karma" - Sharon Stone

I'm not the biggest fan of China's government - I think they could do more around human rights. In fairness I'm not Gordon Brown's biggest fan either and don't even get me started on Clinton.

All of that said I have a new candidate to be taken off to a Chinese labour camp. Step forward "actress" Sharon Stone.

The earthquake in China has been a human tragedy - No-one could or should doubt that. The people killed (including so many children) don't make policy decisions and probably couldn't even find Tibet or Burma on a map - They live their lives day to day, and are PEOPLE just like us who still have homes, loved ones and jobs.

And then their world changed forver.

While I don't want to give this woman the oxygen of publicity or even invite people to think that her comments in some way make any sense I have a link the video here.

I can't quite believe I am actually typing these words,

"I've been concerned about how should we deal with the Olympics, because they are not being nice to the Dalai Lama, who is a good friend of mine," she said. "And then all this earthquake and all this stuff happened, and I thought, is that karma - when you're not nice that the bad things happen to you?"

Making this comment can surely only add to the misery experienced by so many people who in no way deserve criticism. Shame on this woman for her comments and society for letting her open her mouth. Taping it shut would be Karma. Ahmen.

Australia - You don't deserve the Queen!

Ah Australia. You don't want the Queen as the head of your state, oh no. You need a leader, someone fearless, up to date, a man of the people, a figurehead for Australia to the world.


And here is candidate number 1:

Aussie straps in beer, not child

Alice Springs, Northern Territory

A car driver in Australia has been fined for strapping down his beer rather than his young child. Police said they were "shocked and appalled" when they pulled over the car south of Alice Springs in Australia's Northern Territory.

They said the 30-can pack of beer was strapped down between two adults in the back, with the five-year-old child unrestrained on the floor. The driver was handed a fine of A$750 (US$709; £362).

The fine was for failing to ensure a child was wearing a seatbelt as well as driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle.

Read more here

Note: I am not enjoying this story at all. Really not a bit.

My new work for Cathay Pacific

Just released a new site today and I think it is one of the most innovative sites that I have worked on. A very good effort (no amazing) by the agency, McCann to get this out on time.

The site enables you to take a full virtual tour of an entire 777 Jumbo Cathay plane. You can see all the seats and interact with the VOD (ect ect.)

This project was a chance to show what can be done if you have the will to go to over 50 component suppliers (including Boeing!) and hundreds of man-hours. Of course a few $$ helps as well. This site is built in Flash 9 on the latest technology.

The Cyber Lion is in the bag.

See the site here and you can even win a chance to come to Hong Kong and fly in a simulator with a pilot. Pretty cool all in (even if I do say so myself.)



What a day. Been a long week at work (that I didn't need) and its starting to get hotter than Hades in Hong Kong, which makes it a nice surprise when you get a Porsche.

So thanks to Fi and B for making a great day and reminding me that while I may not have the car yet and while the day job occasionally gets me down there is something at the end of the journey.

Speaking of which, I have two dogs and a wife to take in that car one day...

You can see it on my front page here

A great day for London...

This is a fine day for London and a fine day for the UK. Yes, as hoped Boris is in power and red Ken has been kicked out.


All I have to say on the matter. Almost tempted to go home. Almost...