New designs are on the way

My main web site has been worked and re-worked throughout most of 2008, and to be honest I am tired of how many times I have said, "its live," only to test it, find an issue or decide that something needed to be changed.

Well, happily the site is finished and you can see the new design here:

The next step has been to re-work (but not redesign) - I have simplified and tidied up the site and all in all I think this site will do really well in 2009 as we get this company up and running.

And, of course as you are reading this blog - you will notice that this site/blog has been redesigned as well.

All in all the idea is to gain some consistency over all the sites I work on. You will see the same logo (Padstow's head) across everything that I work on inluding my presence on twitter and flickr.

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