On the day I become a god father

Well it seems that everyone has to grow up at some point. Some loose it, some never had it, some are lucky, many don't know what a good life they have...

As I'm about to become a god father I wonder what advice I would give Finn about my life, his life and the road that lies ahead of him... All I could come up with is this quote from Apple. Its something that i use everyday at Cathay Pacific (whether they like it or not!) in my design and photography and even in the decisions I make with Caz (and I'm fairly sure I drive her crazy at times...)

But there you go, I'm a god father thanks to Fi & B, still have some very good friends in London, 2 published books and 3 wonderful dogs in Hong Kong and a job at Cathay that I love and challenges me every day.

Most importantly is that I have Caz in my life.

So I guess I must be doing something right.

Finn, from your god father

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