Australia - You don't deserve the Queen!

Ah Australia. You don't want the Queen as the head of your state, oh no. You need a leader, someone fearless, up to date, a man of the people, a figurehead for Australia to the world.


And here is candidate number 1:

Aussie straps in beer, not child

Alice Springs, Northern Territory

A car driver in Australia has been fined for strapping down his beer rather than his young child. Police said they were "shocked and appalled" when they pulled over the car south of Alice Springs in Australia's Northern Territory.

They said the 30-can pack of beer was strapped down between two adults in the back, with the five-year-old child unrestrained on the floor. The driver was handed a fine of A$750 (US$709; £362).

The fine was for failing to ensure a child was wearing a seatbelt as well as driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle.

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Note: I am not enjoying this story at all. Really not a bit.

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