Why I love Hong Kong (Reason 43)

As many of you will know while I love my wife she is a nightmare when it comes to money. All she wants to do is save it, and as we all know living in Hong Kong this is an alien concept. Spend the cash is the mantra here and of course that means spending it on yourself and not any poor people or any such nonsense as saving Monks in Burma for instance.

Its all about showing off what you have to as many people as possible. Many of you (who know me, or even just read this blog) will know that I fit into this Hong
Kong life like a glove.

So I have the car I want: Porsche Cayman (check), Black as sin (check) but no personalised number plate (damn). Unfortunately, this chap has already beaten me to the one I would want for my car. His should read RICH FU**KER! Damn him.

3 Responses to "Why I love Hong Kong (Reason 43)"


i saw a car in the carpark of the building where i live... the plate reads "Million". yup, in Hong Kong too~

LottieP says
24 October 2007 at 13:04

And then there's the guy in a black Land Rover Discovery who turns in at the flats at the top of Garden Road with the numberplate ALTRUIST.

Yeah, right! The four wheel drive must come in really handy to navigate the minions pushing stacks of cardboard in Sheung Wan.

ali bullock says
25 October 2007 at 03:59

Very nice work! :)