Funny the things you miss about the UK

Its ironic that I haven't missed the UK and London as much as I thought or told people I would. As we come to our first six months here our attention is turned to a visit back home just before Christmas for a wedding and general family catch ups.

It made me think about things I have missed. As I stood on our balcony watching Hong Kong's Porsches, and red taxis stream by I thought of a few things, one of which is how little I have seen of family & friends. One special person is I will certainly be looking forward to seeing is our (well Caz's niece Rebbecca). I wonder how she is doing and how tall she is now.

It will be great to see the fokes of course (inheritance tax threshold increased means I'll have to be extra nice, just kidding Dad). We'll definitely be going to Borough market, which is such a pleasure anytime, but coming up to Christmas its even better.

We'll be back in Hong Kong for the 25 December - Not sure how thats going to be, but with Padstow and his Santa suit I'm sure it will be a blast.

So to all my friends back home, sorry for not being in touch, but free up some time when I am back in town! Regards to all...

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