Its not just Golden Week in China

While China takes a week off and the residents of Hong Kong take a collective sigh as we are invaded by a million people looking to hit the Luis Viton store we can at least breathe easily as the air is crystal clear.

This is a great time to take photos of the Hong Kong skyline as you can actually see the skyline (another top tip from me).

October is not just Golden week it is also Golden month in the ali and Caz marriage cycle. This is where I get to do/say nice things to Mrs B in the hope that in 3 months she remembers this and buys me a nice new gadget for Christmas.

Every year I do this and the results are 50/50 - So generally i keep on the same path. But this year is different, damn Apple threw me a curve ball (and by the looks of it caught out their business partners too) and released the Ipod touch early and even Mrs B picked up on the hype.

So I have had to bring forward operation "please Mrs B" - In the war of marriage you always have to dodge the minefields see here and here as well. In addition, listening to her when she talks about something kicks in at this point as well (Damn, I am good at this.)

So phase 1 is complete: Get Mrs B to a deal - So my study is tidy, I have ceded temporary control of the TV remote and changed my Facebook status to "ali bullock is lucky to have such a wonderful wife."

Phase 2: Flowers and a seeding of emails to her friends telling them to remind Caz how wonderful I think she is. If necessary a small something from Tiffany (but this really has to be held onto as its the nuclear option.)

The Ipod touch is so tantalisingly close, let the battle commence. Trained like a samurai warrior I feel confident that I will win this one, and she suspects nothing! Hurah!

5 Responses to "Its not just Golden Week in China"

Hong Kong in Park Ridge says
6 October 2007 at 22:37

I'm reading your blog on my iPod touch and it is amazing (ur blog aswell as the device!)
Good luck with your quest!!

ali bullock says
7 October 2007 at 02:49

You have an Ipod touch!! damn you! Lucky bugger. Mrs B won't buy me one until Christmas.

hkorbust says
8 October 2007 at 02:17

I think you spoke too soon about the clarity of the Hong Kong skyline...

ali bullock says
8 October 2007 at 04:48

Yes Richard I have spoken too soon (but thats tomorrows post)

Unknown says
20 October 2007 at 15:06

Those who have read later posts will know that he didn't have to move on to phase 2.

He didn't even get his mother in law flowers to thank her.

Hands up who thinks MiL should get flowers