Most wonderful mother in law

Some people have a monster-in-law, some have a star-in-law and luckily I have the latter! Who else gets brought an ipod touch by their mother-in-law?

Shame on Mrs B for not buying me one. But not to worry there is always the small matter of a Porsche to buy for Christmas. If she doesn't then there will be trouble.

(OK, that last bit is a lie, its not like I get to make any of the decisions round here.)

Anyway. Most wonderful Mother-In-Law goes to Lalage. The gauntlet is laid down to my own mother! She had better step up here!

UPDATE: My mother read this blog (a surprise to me) and said "I carried you for 9.5 months, you kicking all the time, then raised you for 29 years before I handed you over to Caz. I think that is worth 29 million Ipod touches, not that I know what those are."

That is actually a good point.

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Must be nice having a maid.

Can your maid here you making love?

Unknown says
20 October 2007 at 07:51

Ali, can you get rid of that comment above from that weird old pervert (and tell your father to stop leaving anonymous comments)