Top 10 things I love about Hong Kong

So I have been here in Hong Kong (as a resident) for 3 weeks now.

1. The Peak restaurant (in fact there are so many great places to eat in Hong Kong.)
2. My commute to work Who could not like taking the star ferry over the harbour (and seeing the Hong Kong skyline every morning)
3. Polite staff Everywhere people are polite and helpful
4. Climate Tuesday evening, myself and Mrs b were having a glass of wine at 11 pm at an outside bar. That can't be a bad thing...
5. Technology shops - Happy days! I'm in the Tech capital of the world
6. Travel Hong Kong has one of the best connected airports in the world - And we are on the doorstop of China. There is a lot to see and do in this region.
7. Our flat Thank you UK taxpayers - We pay no rent (and if you hate me for that, you will really hate number 10) We have a huge floor space and two balconies! All this on HK island (thats about $10,000 a month in rent!.)
8. No crime Hong Kong is so safe, its really, really safe.
9. Porsche prices (no sales tax to pay! 50% off a Porsche!)

I may never leave Hong Kong at this rate as you can see. But there are things that I do not like, so tomorrow we will cover those off.

2 Responses to "Top 10 things I love about Hong Kong"

La NiƱa says
9 May 2007 at 13:19

Hi Ali, found your blog on expat-blog.

I agree with #1. HK is a fantastic place for a food lover. I absolutely loved it when I visited years ago, it made me want to move to HK.


haha its gd to know ppl appreciate hong kong :D

ill give a list of top 10 things i hate about london!

1) free transport to kids-its ridiculous-and ken livingstone is lying wen he says crime/vandalism/violence hasnt increased since hes given free bus travel to kids-but moreover that the rest of the commuters wont have to pay more.
2) chinatown is crap-considering london is 'multicultural' dey cudve put in more effort.and dere was that whole knocking down the pagoda debacle.
3) london restaurants have bad portions and its expensive, and its not rly what i enjoy eating.
4) the fact that it costs 2 pounds for bus journey (that is of course if u dont use oyster card-which they bloody stole off the hk octopus card)
5) london makes a crap effort at chinese new year-its always stereotypical stuff designed for the tourists-the crowding is ridiculous-and yet ken kingstone doesnt think to change the cny celebrations.
6) deres a lack of british born chinese authors
7) i swear london is the last to get everything-movies, books. stephen chows 'a hope' is gona be out this summer in hk-but im gona have to prob wait till like 2 yrs till it comes out here-by which time i will have moved to hk neways.
8) the kids dont appreciate education here-dey waste away and throw away this amazing education they get for free. that is why im going hk to teach english where it will actually be put to use.
9) dont know if other countries bars and alcohol is as expensive as this country-but its ridiculous-and i dont even drink alcohol. in fact everything is expensive here.
10) london thames and london generally is filthy-bags of rubbish just left lying around in central-i dont get why it attracts loads of tourists.