One Tiger Penis to Go, Sir?

In China as they say people do things little differently. (Note before I go any further: myself and Mrs b have NO issues in the bedroom) but yesterday we were walking past a Chinese medicine shop and paused to have a look around.

Something odd caught my eye in a jar - The nice Chinese doctor asked me if I needed some potency! This much to the amusement of Mrs b who translated the "cure" to be Tiger penis. I had the distinct feeling that I may have done something wrong in her eyes and it may actually not have been the said item, but until my Cantonese is a as good as hers, I am at the mercy of her translation. I looked to Mrs b (crying with laughter - Charming!) and asked why she thought I needed any potency? I had hoped that Mrs b would reassure me that I didn't need any, but this was obviously too good an opportunity for her to carry on laughing at my expense. To which she did for several hours! (She is not as sweet as she looks, let me tell you!)

Now, don't get this wrong - I love many things Chinese. Hell, I even have a golden cat (for luck) But I am really not sure that grinding up a tigers thing and drinking it with some tea is going to help. Maybe thats just me??!

This now amounts to number 2 on the list if things that I will not eat in China (n/1 being Chicken feet). I have a funny feeling that within a week I will have number 3 on my list.

Welcome to Hong Kong (as I tell myself very day...)

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