We are expecting a new arrival in the family!

Yes, I am pleased to break the news here that we are going to adopt a puppy from the dog shelter.

I have managed to convince Mrs B that having a slobbering animal that tears up the carpets, needs to be walked everyday and told what to do is a good idea.

She responded that as she already had me, why would she need a dog. This I have to say did not amuse me at all.

But we have reached agreement and have started plan our new arrival. We haven't found a dog yet but all the research is done and in a week we will be in our new apartment so the selection can begin.

I would love a greyhound, Mrs B would like a pug or pomm pommer pommeranian (I have no idea how you spell the damn thing) but that is to fluffy in my opinion.

I hope to have more news on the arrival in the next few weeks (with pictures), so keep reading.


Unknown says
27 April 2007 at 09:16

How about a Labradoodle or a Puggle?