Down with the internet Chinese style!

I love this - The Chinese government plan to crack down on "unhealthy content" - As I read this in the South China Press I had to laugh at the idea, but then I thought this might actually work so a couple of suggestions for sites they should ban (well if you can't beat them...):

(And no, I am not kidding, I found the story on the BBC web site, which just made it onto the list that I would ban, as its far too left wing for my taste.)

Firstly, they should ban the (same reason as above). Its very unhealthy for people (especially from those people who vote labour) to have opinions. So that site just made the list.

Next ban the labour party web site - I hate Tony Blair and Gordon Brown immensely for taking all my money in tax and wasting it... Oh wait, I'm in Hong Kong, I don't pay any!! ha ha. Ban it anyway.

The only web site left in China should be mine and the Daily Mail.

I think I'm going to like this place and the government thinking. About time this internet stuff is just too "unhealthy..." LOL.

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