Jimmy Choo meet Mrs B

"I am an idiot who does not understand women." There I said it. Despite setting up several of my friends with female companions and offering indispensable advice, I have to say there are still some things about women that even I get wrong.

I told Mrs B I would buy her a pair of Jimmy choos (because I love her). So naturally we ended up with 3 pairs.

Class, lets look at the teachers mistakes;

1. Shoe shopping in Hong Kong. Chinese/Any woman is far scarier than the Red Army and much more lethal when it comes to shoe shopping.

2. Offering to buy a woman 1 pair of Jimmy Choos is a complete utter mistake. Any woman will tell you that you can never buy 1 pair??! Oh the horror she will cry.

3. Going to the Jimmy Choo shop, sitting down and taking my eyes off Mrs B for a second. You can never do this in a shoe shop. NEVER EVER.

4. Saying that they look great, this immediately confirms their desirability and the need to get more than one pair "in case they are gone when I next come back."

... She wants to go back???!

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