Monday Morning

Monday mornings are not usually associated with being good in my book. In fact I hate getting up and I hate it even more when I have to wear a suit to work.

But this Monday was different. It is my first day working for Motorola in HK (for the Asia team) and I could not be happier or more honored. I really like the company and the people in Europe and the people in Hong Kong are as nice and friendly if not more so. I was taken out for lunch with my new colleagues and had a great time (ate far to much, but who doesn't when having Dim Sum!).

Happy days.

Everyone seems keen to have me on board and I have had nothing but great support in getting everything up and running. A few people were surprised that I know Wong Ti Sin and that I had been to his temple, so here are some photos:

Photo of the temple 1
Photo of the temple 2

2007 photos (some Hong Kong photos in here)

Yep, looking forward to tomorrow morning. The commute across hong Kong harbor on the Star ferry is something very special and a journey I hope to take many times.

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