Customer service - HK style

So its been one of those days, Champagne breakfast that rolled into a champagne lunch (you get the idea) and shopping today.

Two very interesting experiences of shopping (which you might say is based on price but I would disagree.)

But I digress - I wanted to buy a suit. First I went to M&S to have a look. They had friendly staff to help and I saw a reasonable suit for sale. I then went to the Hugo Boss store where (again the staff were friendly and helpful) but at this point I noticed the difference; At Boss they offered to adjust my trouser length for me that day (in 3 hours to be precise and stay open late if necessary).

The M&S suit $3,000, the Boss suit $6,000. The difference? One small detail that was worth $3,000 to me and one sale to Boss. Interesting what good customer service can do.

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