In the US - being Muslim ain't going to fly

This makes me angry...

The article from Tripso, "What really happend to the Muslim passengers who were kicked off the plane?"

This relates to a US airline. Working in the "global" airline industry I am of course acutely aware of passenger safety, 911 and what has happened since and the need for safety.

However, everyone has a right to fly. But in the US it would seem that this is not the case.

The story goes as such - 9 people (Muslims) were asked to leave a plane in Florida. So far, perhaps, we might say that this is reasonable - Passengers has suspicions and the captain agreed with the air marshals and so they were marched off the plane.

Now my patience ends. Read on if you can believe what happened;

These innocent people (and let me remind you, innocent) people waited patiently for the FBI, and let me say again the FBI???! Anyway, after several hours the FBI said they were OK to fly and removed any doubt that they were innocent.

And AirTran said no, they could not fly! AMAZING.

Words fail me. Honestly, no evidence (other than a family wanting to go on vacation) and a load of ignorant, racist passengers. How can they get away with this you ask? Welcome to the US airline industry. I hope this is an isolated case but I have a feeling it may well not be.

I hope that the airline I work for and am proud to work for would always treat its customers with the upmost respect with of course, safety in mind. Caz and I plan on flying through the US later this year - It won't be on AirTran thats for sure.

Safety of passengers has to be every airlines top priority, but when people are innocent of any crime or suspicion they should be allowed to fly regardless of religion, colour or anything else.

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