Work on the blog and my other sites

I have almost finished work on my main site { } and work has been finished on my charity site { } which also serves as my commercial site for pet photography.

Next up is work on re-working this blog. Its no longer going to be called "The Hong Kong Diaries," but rather just the slightly more simple "ali bullock." The reason for this is that I am planing to bring a lot more coordination between all of my web sites and web 2.0 resources and I want to get everything aligned.

So when I upload my latest photos { orangutans shots form Borneo } you will see the photos updated on, and Facebook. Supporting this I will also be updating this blog and Twittering about it as well.

The more web 2.0 sites that spring up the more the complexity so hence the need for me to align all these sites so that instead of spending more time at my Mac, I'm actually outside doing what I love.


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