Less updates, more about Hong Kong

I started this blog to be about my new adventure in Hong Kong. A way to keep up with friends and family, as I knew that coming to Asia would be an adventure. So far it hasn't proven me wrong.

We've come here, adopted 2 dogs and published a book about those dogs. I have found a new job while traveled to the Great Wall in China and taken in the tuna market in Tokyo weeks before it closed to the public.

As I look back on a year in Hong Kong there is much to be proud of. Yes, I am tired at times, but I feel that I am really living life at full speed.

And look at these photos taken on July 1 - Is it any wonder that I love this city?

As I look forward to what else I am doing it shows there is a lot more to see and do. We have volume 2 of the book to be published, a photo exhibition for world animals day, a huge project for Cathay nearing completion, a trip to the Sichuan earthquake zone where I am volunteering as a photographer and of course trips planed to Bangkok, Bali, The Maldives, Japan, Vietnam, KL and Cambodia.

I have also made some decisions about this blog. I started this in the spirit of Alistair Cook's letter from America which came on the radio once a week, every week. And so that is what I am going to do. One major post a week with thought and prose put behind it.

I hope you enjoy the new format and keep reading.



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