Oasis goes bust

As an employee of Cathay Pacific (and competitor of sorts to Oasis) I wanted to wait a couple of days before I blogged on this news.

Of course I could have released a Hong Kong blog exclusive on this but in my position that is not really something I could do.

I have fielded several calls and emails about Oasis - All of which have met with silence on my side. The simple reason is that there is not much I can say about this issue, other than (in my opinion):

- Oasis did not have a sensible business plan
- Businesses go down when they don't make money
- My thoughts are with the passengers and employees of Oasis who are the real losers
- The statement from the owners in the SCMP was rubbish - Competition did not take away there planes, their business plan did!
- There is no-one who wants to save this airline as it was loosing so much money

For other opinions check out the HK blogs. Many are saying the same as above which I agree with.


hkorbust says
15 April 2008 at 10:13

Throwing on the extra planes from stranded Oasis passengers was an act of PR genius from Cathay. Hats off to you!