Australian 'hero' saves wife from deadly croc by gouging its eyes

A salt-water crocodile

(My mother in law)

An Australian man has been hailed as a hero after rescuing his wife from the jaws of a crocodile by jumping on the creature's head and gouging its eyes.

Norm Moreen, 39, heard Wendy Petherick, 36, cry out in pain after the 2.5 metre (8.2ft), saltwater crocodile attacked her at a National Park in a remote part of northern Australia last night.

The reptile clamped onto Ms Petherick’s leg while she was standing by a riverbank, pulling her into the water.

“Next thing Norm is in the water,” Ms Petherick said today. “He jumped on the croc’s head and felt for its eyes.

“He poked his eyes and the croc freed me. Norm just pushed me towards the side of the bank and both of us got out of the water.”

Saltwater crocodiles are the largest and most dangerous of their type. Known in Australia as “salties”, they are immensely powerful animals, capable of dragging a fully grown water buffalo into a river.

"These crocs are vicious machines," said Steve Landreth, a local man who saw the events unfold.

"I think she's one of the bravest women I've ever met," he said, praising both husband and wife.

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Thats nothing, you should see Mrs B when I told her how much my Porsche was going to cost. The croc would have had no chance, along with my chances of getting the car!



It's not fair to put Lalage as a crocodile. She is lovely!!!