Mrs B agrees to buy me a PORSCHE for Christmas!

Yes dear friends, family and people who are mad enough to read this blog, Mrs B has agreed to buy me a Porsche 911... After 5 years together we have completed the most important step in our relationship.

No its not me meeting our wedding vows (or working out what the iron is) its the fact that Mrs B has said that she will buy me a Porsche. FINALLY.

She added a few conditions on the email (I have not read these but who cares, the car is mine, mine I tell you!) but here hey are (and I quote the email) if you want to read them here they are.

1. YOU have to have saved at least 50% of the cars value
2. It won't happen until you have had a Mini for at least a year (and driven home alive)
3. You will have to marry someone else stupid enough to fund this thing
4. Porsche actually allow you to buy one
5. You drive it over my dead body (as this is the only way I will approve such a purchase)

... Hell must freeze over before you have the car.



Unknown says
15 December 2007 at 22:22

What is this male obsession with Porsche/Ferrari?? If Porsche does a survey of ownership, I'm sure it'd show as being 98% men! Women are much more sensible - they'd like to HAVE enough money to buy a Porsche and then spend it on something much more sensible - like twelve pairs of shoes with matching handbags!!