Going Dutch on your adopted child

Hong Kong's diplomatic staff on the whole are pretty good people. With the exception of the french and the Dutch.. The Dutch vice consul did this??! Not even the French can beat this one. A very sad story.

Get a load of these scumf*cks

Every child is a gift, as the saying goes. But in a case that has stoked outrage on two continents, a Dutch diplomat posted in Hong Kong has been accused of returning his eight-year-old adopted daughter like an unwanted Christmas necktie. The story, which first appeared in the South China Morning Post on Dec. 9, began seven years ago, when Dutch vice consul Raymond Poeteray and his wife, Meta, adopted then-four-months-old Jade in South Korea. The couple, who also have two biological children, brought Jade with them to Indonesia and then to Hong Kong in 2004, although Poeteray never applied for Dutch nationality for the child — a curious oversight, given that he worked in a consulate. Then, last year, the Poeterays put Jade in the care of Hong Kong’s Social Welfare Department, saying they could no longer care for her because of the girl’s emotional remoteness.

I don’t even know what to say. What is wrong with those people? That poor little girl. Time has the whole sad, infuriating story. I would also like to know why they are still in Hong Kong - This guy should not be representing his country in this role. Shame on him, his wife and the Dutch government.

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