Does anyone work at the South China Morning Press?

I only ask as I am really hoping that someone on their staff takes note of this article from TechCruch and removes their online subscription model.

I doubt that SCMP is actually making any money from having a subscription area to their site, but in the days of bloggers and search it is (for a newspaper site at least) utter madness not to have a completely open site.

And so Rupert Murdoch (who knows a thing or tow about new media) has decided to tear down the Wall Street Journal's pay wall - Finally. Here I quote:

"We are studying it and we expect to make that free, and instead of having one million (subscribers), having at least 10 million-15 million in every corner of the earth."

Read the article here (no subscription required thanks Chri**st!)

If he can see that this makes finanical and consumer sense, why does the SNCP carry on as it is? Any suggestions welcome.


hkorbust says
16 November 2007 at 03:13

And even with a subscription you still have to pay for archives. Infuriating!

I think a lot of corporations have subscriptions. Mine does. I think that's probably where SCMP makes money.

But I agree, it's madness.