Crash Bonsai:

CrashBonsai wrecks

Dead Man’s Curve is no place to play
Dead Man’s Curve: you’d best keep away
Dead Man’s Curve: I can hear ‘em say:
“Won’t come back from Dead Man’s Curve”

– Jan and Dean, “Dead Man’s Curve” (1964)

A car — a tree. Good thing it’s a bonsai.

Artist John Rooney creates car wrecks: tiny ones. Using creatively crunched model cars and meticulous little junipers, maple, and ficus, Rooney artfully collides modern automotive culture and the ancient Japanese pastime of bonsai.

CrashBonsai: another incidentRooney calls his work CrashBonsai. His website claims it’s a synthesis of creation and destruction. It will certainly get some looks sitting on that Ikea coffee table.

Want one of your own? It’s strictly BYOB (Bring Your Own Bonsai). But Rooney will be happy to sell you a perfectly crafted Caddy Eldorado, Jaguar, or Ford pickup truck model — all pre-crashed and ready to adorn your bonsai of choice. Order early to avoid the Christmas rush.

And drive carefully this holiday season, particularly if you’re behind the wheel of a 1:18 scale 1961 Porsche 356B. They’re a little tail-happy in the rain.

Link: CrashBonsai

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