Hong Kong, 1 Beijing 0

I had high hopes coming to Beijing, that on reflection could not be met. Now, don't get me wrong it is one splendid city and I think it will do the Olympics proud, but Hong Kong it is not. For some reason it just does not match up and I so felt that it should be better than HK in some way. Makes me realise how lucky I am....

The bad news; Tianamen Square is not nearly as great as I thought it would be. Not rubbish by any means, but certainly no Houses of Parliament or Empire State building. Red Square in Moscow is far better (on the subject of squares).

The good news; The people I work with could not be nicer, and the city's architecture is a marvel to behold. The buildings rival New York or Chicago and I can only see bright things ahead for the city.

Tomorrow, start at 6 am and go to the Great Wall - My expectations are sky high, a tough one for China to meet. But I have a feeling that this economic and political giant may just manage to out do its self.

We'll see.


Unknown says
20 October 2007 at 07:49

So you managed to post something on the website - where is the photo of you and Pads for the book? I can't wait to see it