Hong Kong 1 - China 1

Well the Great Wall is indeed a Great Wall. In fact it is much more than that. Words fail me when I come to describe how good the Wall actually is.

I spent 3 hours up there looking around and taking photos (one of which you can see here). admittedly, I don't make the whole 6,000 km) but I saw enough to tick this one off my list of places that I want to see before I die.

The pictures will be up on my web site: alibullock.com but as I write this I am still sorting out all the photos (so you'll just have to wait). But they are good and I will have them up by Sunday evening.

Speaking of places to see before you die, I have never thought to write that sort of list. I have seen the Empire State Building, The Great Wall, Houses of Parliament, Eiffel Tower and Red Square but I need to get a list together? Anyone got any suggestions...?

2 Responses to "Hong Kong 1 - China 1"

hkorbust says
24 October 2007 at 06:20

But if you consider culture, history (intact), ambiance, character, future prospects, food (and that's a big one), ease of language... then it's Hong Kong 1, Beijing 8.

ali bullock says
25 October 2007 at 03:23

OK, Hong Kong has Transport that works, proper english signs and history (even if they do knock it down once in a while)

I still think its a draw!