Updating web site to alibullock.com

Well big day here in Hong Kong {for a Sunday that is} I am finally moving the web site and all its contents from alib.co.uk to alibullock.com

This will combine my work site alibullock.com and alib.co.uk/work and my personal site alib.co.uk all into one.

I have done this for several reasons; one of the main reasons is one that I have lectured on several times, and that is it is critical to carefully manage your personal brand online.

As I am listed on Facebook as ali bullock and my email is ali bullock/gmail.com it makes a lot of sense to use the url alibullock.com and not alib.co.uk. So that is the main reason.

Of course this has been a chance to make various page updates and changes which have also been completed in this release but there are too many to list here {with the additional excuse that I can't be bothered} so check out the site and enjoy the photos:


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