Facebook is just a personal arms race

So today is a half day in Hong Kong and as all my meetings are finished I have come home. And like millions of other people {and 131 friends of mine at the last count} I am busily updating and working on my Facebook account.

Caz asked me why I spend time on it - The simple answer is that is the personal version of an arms race. Examples include having more friends than my German rival/nemesis Jens Jaeger {ha! Only 61 friends at the last count}, its the simple fact that no Facebook member wants to admit; that they accept most people into their profiles after only fleeting meetings. Long term partners and friends of course make it into the list, and as they read about their friend they jealously scan their friends listing looking for people that they might know who they can sign up.

Secondly, Facebook is an arms race due to the fact that people have to show off their best photos showing them in ever more exotic locations/holidays/parties ect. The fact that you can in one click update your status only confirms this "Jens is in Zanzibar," "Amanda is recovering from an amazing party," the list goes on.

But now its has got worse, even pets are put into the mix in this race for superiority. Pooches are but pawns in this war for the best profile and most wonderful life.

Facebook has become little more than a PR exercise to many people. Now thats no bad thing, but I wonder where it will all end? I have no idea, but its back to updating my profile for me...

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