Fakes {Now I'm onto cars}

So it would seem even the venerable Gizmondo is coming on board with a very interesting article on cars and how they have been copied from the German models.

Here you can see one example. Now I am no IP expert {I dabble occasionally} but if I was Mercedes or BMW I would have my lawyers on this so fast your noodle wouldn't even touch your chopstick.

There is no way that Porsche or BMW have much to fear from me or Hong Kong buyers, but you d have to wonder if these fakes can make it in the commercial world - And if you are asking that question there has to be a small amount of concern there.

Its going to get very interesting in China: read the full article here: http://uk.gizmodo.com/2007/08/20/chinese_cars_havent_we_seen_th.html

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