Mrs B tells me I am happy

So in comes an email from Mrs B - I should know that this is either (a) an advertisement for Viagra (is she trying to tell me something!!) or (b) I have forgotten some social engagement for the evening.

This one is entirely different, it is an email informing me how happy I am due to her superior intellect.

The article is here:

Apparently (and let me stress the APPARENTLY) this survey and article explains that men are happier with wives that are more intelligent than they are. I have no idea which woman dreampt up this survey but I can only assume that she is very happy with her less intelligent "life partner" who I am guessing is not a man/plays on the same team if you know what I mean.

As for me, I'm off to bed to sleep with someone far more intelligent than me (how else can you explain how she gets 90% of the bed ALL THE TIME!)

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