2 free tickets to the Man U vs Shenzen game

So here is an irony. When I worked at kelloggs I would be less than 5 minutes away from the Manchester United grounds. close enough to spit on them you might say (and I did at every opportunity!)

So now I move to Hong Kong and Mrs B won 2 tickets to the game on Monday. But here is the problem, I don't support Man U as I am an Arsenal fan.


So if anyone fancies going I have decided to be nice and give them away for FREE! The first person to leave a comment (with your email) or contact me on my email (see web site here) can have them. I had thought about ripping them in two, wiping my bum across them and mailing them to my good friend Paul in Manchester, but that would be mean. Besides he is an ardent Man U fan so that has to be punishment enough.

Good luck Shenzen!

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