Photos from Singapore

So apologies for anyone that feels I have not been updating my blog, just back from a long (but good) week in Singapore (Thanks to my friends Toni & Neil for putting me up.)

I will talk about the differences between HK and Sing in a sec, but first here is a link to the photos: click here

Singapore is very different to Hong Kong but it does have its similarities. You can see where Singapore got the idea for wealth creation from (HK's banking) and you can see what people like to do in their spare time (shopping), but somehow Singapore just doesn't seem to be as big as Hong Kong or as good.

Its almost as if it is too clean and too efficient. Crazy as it sounds, Hong Kong has more character and more buzz and the difference is clear where I would prefer to be.

Though thats nothing against the place. People are friendly, streets are clean, and there is almost more people speaking English than Hong Kong (something that HK will need to resolve if it is to stay number one as Asia's financial city).

All in a short, hard working trip but I had a few fun hours and I look forward to going back very soon.

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