No more speaking Chinese for me...

Out in Stanley on Sunday with Pads and I decide that its a great time to talk some new found lingo.
as a Chinese woman is patting Pads I say to her (something along the lines of) "Gow" which is dog. So I say "Do you like my dog?"

The lady starts to walk away and look at me really weirdly, saying something to Caz who starts to laugh.

It turns out that I am actually asking the woman if "she likes my penis" as Gowww (note accent) is a rude word as opposed to dog.

So I am now just going to stick with English.

3 Responses to "No more speaking Chinese for me..."

962 says
11 June 2007 at 00:59

Dont believe everything you are told. The lady knew what you were saying.
I am positive that if the intent of the conversation is clear people will understand what you are trying to say if they want to.
Sometimes the difference is the type of person, I find older ones are less likely to say stupid Gweilo than the younger ones who dont like it in return when you laugh at their English.
My advice, you will get the least laughs and the most help in the local wet markets which are scattered around Hong Kong. Be brave and you will be suprised what you can pick up.
Be Ho Hoi Sum

962 says
11 June 2007 at 01:05

I posted a comment and the machine has swallowed it.
Basically dont be put off the lady knew you were talking about your dog.


Vet in Hong Kong wrote that the same thing happened to him. Now he's a veterinarian, so he was asking his clients about their penises all day!

Amazing photos by the way.