Tramps & free newspaper handouts

Reader 962 quite rightly pointed out in the comments section on my SMC article that there is something worse than slow old people - and that is the tramps in central.

They are bad, I have to agree. But I think I can top them.

The people who hand out free newspapers. They always seem to be in Chinese, and when I walk to work they either (1) trust one into my land like it has leprosy. I mean, I know they are busy, but I am a 6 ft WESTERNER/WHITE/WITH PUBLIC SCHOOL BOY ACCENT. How can they confuse me with someone who would read Chinese?? Its not rocket science, handing out free newspaper hardly sits up there with being the Prime Minister or a brain surgeon....

And speaking of this - Why is there a simplified Chinese vs... What exactly? Really bloody complicated Chinese? If it takes 26,000 characters to read the front page of a newspaper, I would say that this is not simple.

But I digress.

... or (2) shove the damn thing right in front of me so that some Chinese (reader) can cut across my path and grab it.

Damn them, damn the tramps, and damn old people! (only the ones who walk slowly though)

Only 4 weeks into being an ex-pat and I am ranting like the editor of the Daily Mail (and I'm only 30!) I am either turning into a mini Hemlock or my dad. Next stop membership of the Foreign Correspondents Club I suppose...

3 Responses to "Tramps & free newspaper handouts"

FBT says
16 May 2007 at 10:36

I'm thinking if they had a really impressive IQ, their job would probably not be standing on a streetcorner handing out free newspapers...

V6ter says
17 May 2007 at 05:18

Its the same with all pamphlet, flyer, coupon givers. There is a certain logic to it, as soon as they have got rid of their quota they can usually get paid and go home.

annoying nonetheless

962 says
17 May 2007 at 05:59

It is the case
when they give away all they have they get paid
so no matter you are chinese or simplified chines ie all people who are not chinese you get a copy
inside said tome is usually at least two pages of text in english.