Walking to the Star Ferry this morning I came across a new phenomenon (to me anyway) the SMC. This stands for Slow Moving Chinese. For some reason "older people" decide that rush hour (ie 8.30 am) is a good time to go for a stroll and take UP THE WHOLE PAVEMENT.

Why do they do this? Could they not walk single file? Its amazing, as soon as any space opens up they fan out like synchronised swimmers and stop anyone from passing.

I can only liken it to being in a Porsche driving to Stanley and being caught behind 5 buses. They know where they are going, but they are not going to get there as quickly as you could.

This got me thinking (as you can read I had some spare time) in a place where there are rules for everything (no spitting, no dogs in the park, no fun on a Sunday ect) could they not ban these old people from the streets between 8-9 am? I like old people, I really do, just not when I am trying to get to work on time.

Its a sort of Older ASBO I suppose (those in the UK will know what I am talking about).


962 says
16 May 2007 at 07:30

I can live with the old people they soon get out of the way if you kick their philipino helper or their zimmer frame.
Its the b***dy beggars that get me leaving blankets and children all over the place and lounging around walkways and crossing in central. I have no truck with them.