Third of bloggers 'risk the sack'

Interesting article on the BBC web site link about blogging and the risk of being sacked for saying something negative about the company.

Now before I go ANY further: *** I love my boos and I love the company I work for***

Phew. No risk to me then.

Seriously though, on many blogs I have read the person comment about {sic} a company. This is madness. The fact is that all someone has to do is Google the bloggers name see here for example and fairly quickly they will be able to find out who said person works for. I am of course assuming that the blogger in question has not been so stupid as to mention his companies name, or worse still a company secret/project directly in the blog, but there are many stupid people out there.

As the Beeb points out:
""Employers need to ensure that they carefully consider the impact of blogging on their organisation and take appropriate steps to minimise any potential risk," she said."

But I fear that many organisations miss the point of blogs. They can be a force for good PR and marketing of the person and potentially of the company (if they allow this).

The simple fact is that an organisations should have one of 2 rules:

1. Blog all you like and say anything about the company
2. Blog away chaps, but don't mention the company in any way or you are fired.


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