Our new arrival has arrived!

Well - This was some news that I did not expect to write so soon.

Then again, I don't think Mrs B expected to have a new member of the family so soon either. Normally she is the queen of "investigate, worry, think, look around and wait" - All very sensible.

(For those of you who know Mrs B you will fully understand that she NEVER makes a rash decision.)

However, faced with this little chap and a 30 minute "trial walk" all of that went out of the window.

I am happy to announce that she fell in love with this little chap (and who wouldn't!)

He is a 9 month old puppy (abandoned, we don't know why) now called "Padstow" or "Pads" for short. He is a naughty monster who currently shits on the floor but is still very much loved. He is a nosy chap, no room is out of his domain, and during the night he likes to pop into our bedroom and check that we are still sleeping as part of his nightly patrol.

Snacks (in fact any food stuff) is very much a temptation and you will often hear the words "Padsow, NO!" shouted along Kennedy Road by Mrs B as she tries to keep him off the fallen berries that adorn the pavement.

This chap is admired by all who meet him and is greeted in a very friendly manor. I don't think we could have found better.

So if you are planning to pop round or stay over please note that we have a guard dog who will insist on checking you out, and if you let him lick you a great deal!

I am sure that you will give him a warm welcome - and I will ask him to post a message on this blog as soon as he is comfortable in his new home.



Now I can visit you. I'm so relieved you have a dog instead of a cat, because I'm very afraid of them. But I like dogs.
beijo Raquel