Welcome to China's media

From CNN.com, a report that the Chinese government will meet with a representative of the Dalai Lama.

In the CNN story is this quote from the Dalai Lama's secretary, Tenzin Takhla:

"His Holiness, since March 10th, has made every effort to reach out to the Chinese leadership.

"He has long said: 'The only way we can solve our differences is with face-to-face dialog.'"

CNN also carries a quote from a nameless Chinese government official, taken from a terse Xinhua report that is apparently the source of the story:

"It is hoped that through contact and consultation, the Dalai side will take credible moves to stop activities aimed at splitting China, stop plotting and inciting violence and stop disrupting and sabotaging the Beijing Olympic Games so as to create conditions for talks."

Quite a difference in tone there, with the Chinese striking a conspicuously aggressive stance. I'm afraid that the contrast will leave western audiences as sympathetic as ever to the Dalai Lama. But of course, that can always be attributed to CNN's "biased reporting".

2 Responses to "Welcome to China's media"

PC says
27 April 2008 at 14:17

Hi, I found something interesting posted @ http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_4eecdc1c01009ciz.html. Hope you can spare a minute of your time looking at it. Never mind if you don't understand the article because it is written in Mandarin; But, DO look at the photos / pics pasted, it shows something refreshingly different from what we have been fed with all this while. A picture does tell a thousand words, doesn't it ?...This happened in Colgate,USA

ali bullock says
29 April 2008 at 02:05

Hi PC.

Interesting comment thank you. Though teh irony is that unlike teh Chinese media I allow comments that are different to my own, hence I did publish your comment.