Talking about the US

As we are in the middle of the American elections I thought this might be on topic. While having ad dinner with some friends on Saturday night (fellow republicans, not damn cowards, I mean democrats.. No names!) and I was reminded of how great Texas is. (They are from Memphis, but everyone thinks Randi is from Texas due to her accent - A compliment in my opinion.)

Anyway, I am reminded of a story that my old boss Kim Ort's husband told me about the Texas Rangers.

The governor of New Orleans in the middle of the chaos and rioting after Katrina asked the Governor of Texas to send Rangers to help. The governor sent one to the main street.

The New Orleans Governor calls the Texan Governor and said, you only sent one man?"

The Texas Governor replied: What, you got more than one riot?"

Texas rules. Disagree and you might well get shot. Take that Clinton.

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