Now I am being corrected on MY English??!

Coming to Hong Kong was (and still is) something of an adventure. I have experienced many new things and met many new people and cultures. But something new to even me was being corrected on my English pronunciation. Amazing, I would have thought that the plummy accent and the fact THAT I AM ENGLISH, would have meant that no one would dare to try and correct my words in China.

Oh, how I was wrong.

In a meeting I am introduced to a new colleague who introduces herself as "Samanfa," I being the polite chap I am do not correct her, instead preferring to say "hello Samantha."

"Its Samanfa!" comes the response.

...??! "Saamaantha." I say. "No, Samanfa!" - It sounds better don't you think?

Cue 100 Croydon pram face council mothers collectively shouting "looser, minger" in my head.

All I can bring myself to say is "Hello." I will never complain about an American accent again. Promise.

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