A new arrival to the family: IVY

Well its been a busy week-end here in Hong Kong. We decided on Saturday to foster a new dog, don't ask me how this happened it was over in a flash. one minute Padstow and I are in the dog rescue home chatting with the dogs (me talking with Sally the founder) and bam! Caz has found a new friend for Padstow.

So far so good, everyone seems to be getting on and I hope that Ivy (short for St. Ives, get it?! Padstow and St.Ives!) will be a permanent fixture in our flat. She is a beautiful dog and of course very much this seasons colour (White) with Padstow (black) its all very Prada Hong Kong cool.

More photos and news if we decide to keep her, she has a week with us and we'll decide then.

Question: Does she get your vote? Leave a comment and let us know.

Update: Yes she is very calm, sensible and gentle. And yes Padstow is attention seeking, naughty and loud. AND YES, I know there is a direct comparison between me and Caz...


Unknown says
5 November 2007 at 10:55

Any dog from HKDR gets my vote. And Icy/Ivy is one of the cutest amongst the availables. See you and Caz at the launch!
(Julie's mom Abigail)