Royal Blackmail: The name - But who cares?

OK, lets get this over with - The law is indeed an ass as the writes here. They are not allowed to publish the name, but anyone else in a foreign country can.

Its Lord David Linley (read here for the Italian link). There we go. A very minor royal and the only real news is that someone wanted £50,000 pounds to keep it quiet. Frankly, no one cares about this chap and they should have released it days ago - There would be no story now had they done this.

Have they learnt nothing from the Diana fiasco? I wonder who advises the Royal family on the web and PR because they are doing a pretty lousy job. It took me two minutes to establish that it wasn't Harry (have you seen Chelsea??! Gay? I don't think so...) Charles? Well, possible I suppose.

Any child in the UK can type into google and get the result. The issue should be that people are writing that its Charles, its Harry and that is where the dame can be done.

The real story is that this isn't a story - Its only making waves in the UK because the (UK ONLY) press can't publish what I can or the Italian press can, its absolute madness.

Now, lets all get back to Britney's meltdown or the smog in Hong Kong. That is really news.



Thanks. I couldn't be bothered to Google it and you've saved me the bother. "Royal in scandal" is so common it's totally non news. What WOULD be news is "Royal is perfectly nice person with no hang-ups, skeletons in the closet, eating disorders or deviant sexual preferences".