Now I'm in Korea {and then back in Hong Kong}

It feels like I came back from China took a wrong turn and ended up in Korea, completely missing Hong Kong on my latest work trip. In fact I was only back in HK for 2 nights so close enough.

Korea is a funny old place. It seems to want to be so much more than it is, but it just doesn't seem to know what "that is," is - People were very nice that I work with and I could not have asked for better food. A recent comment (from I think Richard H?) who says that Beijing has better food than Hong Kong. If you are eating from the streets I would have to agree, but civilized restaurant food, I think HK is heard to beat. Richard, I'm afraid that we are just going to have to agree to disagree or as the Chinese government would do - Throw you into a "re-education camp" until you agree. But thank you for the comment.

(Note: In the UK we have Butlins - Not quite the dictatorship style though (for anyone non-British that won't be funny, oh hell I can't be bothered to explain... Its to late in the evening).

In other news, the first drafts of my travel book and the HKDR book have come back for my review. Both look really good and I'll publish more on these when they are in the final stages.

I decided (last night for some unknown reason) to add to my web site a page all about places that I want to see before I die. Here is the link to click

What do you think, what have I missed?

Other than that, I am dead tired of planes, airplane food and check in counters in general. never thought I would say this, but I am tired of planes... This feeling will of course only last a couple of days and I'll be up and running to get back to that list.


Jonathan Hunt says
26 October 2007 at 19:14


I have an even better idea. Go places after you die too!

But back on topic, you are a very, very lucky guy. I've only been off this Island once!